The Edge Group Art Show

Next weekend, April 21st through the 23rd, I’ll be hosting a group art show here in downtown Phoenix. The show is called The Edge, and is based around a short story I wrote a couple of years ago. The story is about a boat captain sailing around trying to find the edge of the world. I got some really awesome artists, both local and not, that made some amazing artwork. The artists list is John Chakravarty (that’s me), Mike Butzine, Jamison Schlotte, Vincent Gonzalez, Jason Chakravarty, Toby Gerhlich, Brett Atherton, Daniel Tower, and Steve Ciezki. Also, I made a book that’s got the story and accompanying art, that will be available at the show.

On Friday the 21st, I’ll be doing live readings of the story at 6:30 and 7:30. And the exhibit will be open 6-8ish.

On Saturday, I’ll be doing a reading at 8:30.

And Sunday, we will do an early showing from Noon to 2PM.

The show is at Eleventh Monk3y, 1022 Grand Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85007.

Short drawings for short people

Today, the 100 day project starts, which is a social media community art project. Basically, participants are encouraged to make art, writing, illustrations, interpretive dance, etc. every day for 100 days and post on instagram with #100dayproject. The point is just to challenge yourself to do something creative for the 100 days. Here’s their website, or search the hashtag instagram.

I like doing these projects with a theme in mind. When I hopped on board with this project last year I started by doing all of the major arcana from a Tarot card deck. Here’s some highlights from that project.

This year, I’ve decided to build my theme off the old punk compilation Short Music for Short People. The album has 101 bands playing 30 second songs. The perfect amount to do a new drawing every day for each song. It’s also a small trip down memory lane, and I can possibly write some little stories about the handful of punk bands I’ve seen on this list. Below is day one, based on Short Attention Span by Fizzy Bangers. Follow me on instagram @jpchakra for more of my 100 day project.